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Bathyscaph: Bathyscaph

(Release Date: 26.04.2019)

Domenic Landolf: Bass Clarinet
Marc Mezgolits: Bass Guitar

1. Single Rose 3:43 (Marc Mezgolits)

2. WE 4:33 (Domenic Landolf)
3. Fenster 3:21 (Marc Mezgolits)
4. Orbit 6:08 (Domenic Landolf)

5: Cinema Paradiso: Main Theme 3:10 (Enrico Morricone)
6. Taktraum 3:06 (Domenic Landolf)
7. Heart Candy 4: Too Close For Comfort 4:06 (Marc Mezgolits)

8. Dewey Square 2:47 (Charlie Parker)
9. Relativ 4:20 (Domenic Landolf)
10. Cardboard Hearts 4:24 (Marc Mezgolits)
11. Waltz For Ruth 4:14 (Charlie Haden)

Playing in duo is probably the most intimate kind of ensemble in Jazz: hardly any other formation offers as much freedom to improvisation and interaction.
The ensemble „Bathyscaph“ explores the possibilities of this kind of jazz group with bass clarinet and electric bass guitar. With this unusual instrumentation, new soundscapes within the jazz idiom are delved into. Their repertoire consists of various standards as well as originals. Thanks to creative interpretation as well as various sound possibilities, the rather scarce manned band knows no boundaries.

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